loadedpierogi You Say Potato We Say LOAD IT UP

You Say Potato, We Say LOAD IT UP!

Poh-tay-toe, pah-tah-toe. We don’t care how you say it, as long as you love it LOADED. 

At Loaded, we know how to potato! We fry ‘em, bake ‘em, dip ‘em in cheese, toss ‘em in butter, roll ‘em into dumplings, load ‘em up with gravy, boil ‘em, and drizzle ‘em with onions. 

The potato is our blank canvas with which we create our mouth watering masterpieces.

We’ve got plump pierogies, crispy, deep-fried golden potatoes, and mac n’ cheese noodles dripping with cheesy, buttery delight.  Okay, so that last one’s not quite a potato, but pasta has its starchy taste, so we’ll let it slip.

Our three bases make up the bottom of each bowl we create at Loaded. It’s the hidden treasure that you can’t wait to get to after gobbling up the delicious toppings. They are the perfect start to a long journey that ends in pure satisfaction.

Let’s take a closer look at the bases that’ll get you revved up!


Our pierogies are plump, potato and cheese filled dumplings cooked exactly to your liking. We boil them to perfection for those looking for a soft, fluffy texture with every bite. Or we can pan-fry them to add a crispy contrast to the creamy inside. No matter how you prep them, you can’t go wrong. Throw on some onions and a drizzle of sour cream, and you’ve got a meal worth hogging all to yourself!


A Canuck classic!  Our twice-cooked, crisp french fries are already loaded with savoury gravy and cheese curds to make a poutine that would even impress Shania Twain. And we all know how hard that is! This poutine tastes great as a stand-alone classic or can be loaded with any combinations of meats, veggies, or, you guessed it, more cheese. Looking for a meat-lover’s dream? Top your poutine with our smokey BBQ pulled pork in our signature Smoking Pig Roast bowl. You’ll be basking in a meat lovers’ paradise with the pulled pork, chorizo sausage, and loads of bacon in this one! We swear the poutine is under all that meat somewhere!

Mac n’ Cheese

Not many things are more indulgent than our creamy, decadent mac n’ cheese. For those who love somethin’ spicy in their bowls, try our Buffalo Chicken over your creamy, cheesy pasta noodles. The crispy skin of the spicy chicken gives you the kick you are craving. Top it all off with our buttermilk ranch dressing and some freshly-sliced green onions, and you’ve got yourself a delicacy!

There’s only one question we have left for you.
How are you GETTING LOADED today?

We love to hear from you!
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