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What your Favourite LOADED Base Says About You?

As Freud famously said, “there are 3 distinct personality types that define the way society operates: those who love pastry, those who love potato, and those who love pasta.” Okay fine, Freud didn’t say that. But choosing your base is the ultimate commitment, perhaps second only to marriage and tattoos. Pierogis, poutine, and mac’n cheese set the stage for the rest of the dish’s flavour profile; they are a monumental part of the Loaded experience.

Thus we maintain that you can tell a lot about a person based on their base!

Those Who Love Pastry:

People who go for pierogis as a base are generally more sensitive and nurturing. They tend to be caring, creative souls with a developed sense of intuition—like a true Baba. Pierogi lovers feel deeply, and they express their love with food. Call them cheesy dough balls if you must, but pierogi lovers bring the essence of “mmmm.” They’re experts at carbing their way into a most peoples’ hearts.

For a hug in a bowl, try the pierogi base with the Baba’s Classic, the Wild Mushroom & Truffle, the Steak & Cheese, and the Bacon, Sauerkraut & “Oh Yeah” Bacon!

Those Who Love Potato:

Poutine pickers = party animals. Poutine is the ultimate night out snack–after you get loaded, you GET LOADED–regaled for the hearty, salty, oily blanket with which it lines your stomach, protecting and satiating one fry at a time. Lovers of poutine tend to have an “anything goes” mentality; they work hard so they can play hard and load high. While they may seem chaotic and perhaps a bit bogged down with gravy, you can bet there is a method to their madness.

For a party on a plate, we recommend the poutine base with the BBQ Brisket, the Get Cheesy, the Butter Chicken, and the Smoking Pig Roast!

Those Who Love Pasta:

Mac ‘n Cheese lovers are unapologetically themselves; they’re true to their cheesy cores! They understand the art of indulgence. Mac lovers are straight-shooters, and they don’t depend on others for validation or support–they know a classic when they see it, and that there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. People who opt for mac’n cheese are often driven by their hunger and will stop at nothing to get what they want.

For a decadent dish with substance, order the mac ‘n cheese base with the Porky Pig, the Buffalo Chicken, the Cabbage Patch Kid, the Chicken Bacon Ranch, and the Ms. Piggy!

Those Who Love Loaded

There’s a 4th category, unbeknownst to Freud, that unites us all: those who love Loaded Pierogi —anyone who doesn’t probably can’t be trusted. Loaded Pierogi lovers often switch up their base, and are prone to getting creative with unique, customized loads. Whatever your vibe, with three base options and some of the tastiest toppings under the sun, there is undoubtedly a Loaded Pierogi combo that’s right up your alley.


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