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loadedpierogi Walk on the wild side Ya we do that

Walk on the wild side? Ya, we do that!

Are you a quiet traditionalist or do you live the adventurous life on the wild side? Either way, Loaded Pierogi has you covered…in cheese, onions, and bacon… fried chicken, spicy sriracha honey sauce, and chorizo sausage…Mmmm. Sausage.

Wait, what?

That’s not on the menu at your local bar! Well, it sure is at Loaded Pierogi. We are the go-to specialist for everything pierogi. Kick routine to the curb and #getLoaded with fresh and exciting creations like our BBQ Brisket Pierogi or Wild Mushroom & Truffle Pierogi. Too much for you? Too, over-the-top? Not so fast!

Traditional Polish pierogies were wilder than you might think. While many find comfort in the potato and bacon wrapped in the warm embrace of doughy goodness, you’ll be shocked to find out the truth behind this mouthwatering dish. Get this – from pork to veal, sheep cheese to herring, even sauerkraut to asparagus, the Poles have been doing pierogies their own way for centuries! I know, crazy, right? 

Loaded Pierogi is just keeping up with tradition!

In a National Post article, one chef even gave a picture of pierogies as, “Canadian crack.” Sure, we can go with that since we know you’ll want to keep coming back for more!

But if those loaded dishes of the perfect food are too much for your tender pallet, it’s okay. We have the Baba’s Classic, too, with slow cooked caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and green onions. 

No matter your preference, Loaded Pierogi has what you crave. #getLoaded today!

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