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loaded pierogi Spring Cleaning 5 Things to Off Load Before Daylight Savings Time

Spring Cleaning! 5 Things to Off-Load Before Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time is nearly here, which means Spring is nearly here, which means Spring Cleaning! Hey roll your eyes at us all you like, we’re excited–out with the old, in with the new. You have plenty of time to get your clean on, of course, but in case you want to hop to it before we spring forward, here are 5 Things to off-load before DST!

1. The Winter Sleepies

Spring is coming Spring is coming Spring is coming! Start shaking off the winter, people, green things and sunshine are coming our way and we have activities to do! They involve being out and about, and maybe even outdoors past 6pm! Incidentally they may also involve venturing out to Get Loaded.

2. The Clothes You Never Wear Anymore

Now is the perfect time to unload your closet and decide what stays and what you’re ready to send into retirement. Reload your closet with the keepers, and stop for Loaded while you’re out offloading the recyclees at a donation center!

3. The Excess Smartphone Apps

Hey you! Yeah you. You look us in the eye and tell us you use every single app downloaded on your phone and/or tablet. Hah, we knew you couldn’t. Offload ’em! Get rid! Say no to unnecessary apps! And then say yes to necessary apps as in appetizers as in Loaded snacks.

4. The Contents of Your Fridge

When was the last time you cleaned out your fridge? If you had to stop and think about that, then it’s time to clean out your fridge again. Unload it all, offload what needs to go, and now you have a weirdly stocked fridge so Get Loaded! (And then restock your fridge)

5. Your Inhibitions

Release them Natasha Beddingfield style. You never have to wait for spring to do this, but maybe spring can inspire you this year! Offload those scarries for good so you can go grow and explore: get good at old things! Try new things! Like a new hobby or a new business venture


Yay for getting rid of things and treating yourself by getting Loaded! But also go about your Spring Clean at whatever pace and timing you please, you can still Get Loaded we’ll allow it.

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