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loaded pierogi Pierogis The Ultimate Date Night Food

Pierogis: The Ultimate Date Night Food

Read any dating blog, and you’ll see lists of awesome date night ideas.

We’ve got the classics: dinner and a movie, hit the arcade, go for a romantic walk along the beach, etc. But if a candlelit dinner is too fancy and you’re also not digging the thought of wearing stinky bowling shoes (ew, right?) then you need the perfect date night idea.

Preferably, one that involves yummy food!

Luckily, Loaded Pierogi has you two lovebirds covered. Our menu is full of delicious ways to #getloaded and hang out with your crush at the same time.

Because…well…who doesn’t want to fall in love over a plate of pierogis?

Here are 2 reasons why we think pierogis make the ultimate date night food.

1.    Say Goodbye to Messy Spaghetti and Meatballs! Pierogis Are Easy to Share

Remember that scene in Lady And The Tramp? The one where the dogs slurp down a long spaghetti noodle and then kiss? It’s cute. But impractical – especially for us humans.

On the other hand, pierogis are SUPER simple to share. A small dish (6 pierogis) or large dish (10 pierogis) can be split evenly. Plus, each bowl is made up of scrumptious bite sized pieces. Enjoy eating a totally non-awkward meal with your date.

2.    He Likes Bacon and Cheddar Cheese. She Likes Green Onions. No Problem! Pierogis are 100% Customizable

 Secondly, pierogis make an awesome date night food because there’s something for everybody’s tastebuds. At Loaded Pierogi, our dishes are fully customizable. As a bonus, there isn’t a limit to toppings, either.

 So, if you and your date can’t decide what to eat for dinner, no need to argue. Browse the Loaded Pierogi menu for 15+ pierogi, poutine, and mac n’ cheese options.

Shareable, easy to eat, and oh so tasty…no wonder pierogis make the ultimate date night food!

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