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loaded pierogi Palatable Pierogi Preparations

Palatable Pierogi Preparations

We talked about mac and cheese around the world. We talked about poutine’s rise to Canadian icon-hood. And so, it is now time to talk about pierogis and their various preparations. The range of truly “traditional” pierogies is contained to Europe, but hey Europe is still an entire continent! And there are quite a hefty handful of pierogi preparations, and we thought we’d open your eyes and probably make your mouths water with a highlight list of all the different pierogies the Euro can buy.

Polish Pierogi

We’re gonna start off with the obvious one, because that’s the obvious thing to do. Poland is home of the OG: pierogi Ruskie. This bad boy is filled with cottage cheese, potato, and onion, and it’s usually served with sour cream and a smattering of pork. After that first pierogi was made Poles figured out they were onto something very quickly, and now there’s a vast array of pierogi options throughout the country ranging from bacon and mint to almond and orange. Ummm yes, please!

Hungarian Derelye

Derelye translates to roly-poly; it’s the Hungarian variant of pierogi. With pasta-dough forming the pockets, derelye is super popular as a dessert with a filling of plum jam and/or sweet cottage cheese. They’re also served savory-style, with potato and dill curds. That’s right, dill curds, people!

German Pirogge

Germany really just gently Germaned up the standard pierogi with their pirogge, cooked to perfection by boiling or baking. They use a German cottage cheese equivalent called quark, which gets mixed with spinach and stuffed into the simple wheat-dough mix. So efficient, those Germans. Güten piroggen eatin’!

Slovenian Ajdovi Krapi

Slovenians make ajdovi krapi, which means “buckwheat carps.” It’s all in the name, guys–buckwheat is used in place of wheat flour for the dough, and often the filling mixes contain millet alongside fried onions and cottage cheese. In sweet versions, Slovenians fill the buckwheat pouches with hazelnuts and douse them in vanilla sauce, and we are here for it.

Loaded Pierogi

Then there’s the Loaded pierogi. Loaded’s version takes the ever simple & classic potato-onion mix approach to pierogis before loading them with a mixed bowl of toppings like buffalo chicken and ranch, bbq brisket, and sun-dried tomatoes and brussels sprouts–y’know, things that pair brilliantly because tbh what doesn’t pair well with doughy pockets of potato and onion? We’ll wait.

K we’re done waiting. Admit it, now you’re jonesing, and we came prepared for that–you know as well as we do that we’ve got just the thing to satiate your pierogi cravings, so Get Loaded!
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