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We’ve got a developing story at Loaded Pierogi and a favour to ask. 

Just like you, we’ve watched the crisis in Ukraine unfold, and we’re heartbroken. The Loaded Pierogi menu and heritage are deeply rooted in Ukraine and Poland, so we felt compelled to act. 

“We are truly unique in how we can enable this across our 11 stores and into their communities,” says Bryan Burke, co-founder of Loaded Pierogi. “Not only do we serve big bowls of incredibly hearty food, but we have BIG HEART for the community and help do good in any way we can.

Hopefully, you have a big heart, too.

You probably saw the stories of Polish mothers leaving strollers and baby carriers at the Ukraine border. Like us, you wished you could do the same, or something equally giving and needed. 

So we’ve partnered with the Pilgrim Movement to help the refugees fleeing Ukraine. They are in desperate need of food, clothing, and basic necessities. Many children are separated from their families and they have nowhere to go and nothing to take with them. They need your help.

With your aid, we can make their journey safer. 

Your contribution

Come in and Loaded Pierogi store and donate $1, $2, or $5 (or more) and receive a pierogi badge for the wall.   All proceeds will go directly to aid for Ukrainian refugees. If you haven’t yet, try our new signature bowl, the Loaded Double Sausage and Cheddar. $1 of every bowl sold goes to support this effort as well.  If you wish to donate directly, you can do so through this link 

Our main focus is fleeing mothers and children as they leave their homeland in search of sanctuary. Some are moving into Romania and Poland, while others are finding welcomes further into Europe. We anticipate Canada will also receive refugees, and we will help them find their place in a new land.

Pilgrim Movement has worked for years helping orphaned children around the globe obtain food, clothing, education, and a path toward healthy, productive lives. Loaded Pierogi is proud to join their efforts for Ukraine. 

The need is immense, and every little bit makes a difference. Co-Founder Adam Dolley is passionate about embracing every Canadian that has the means to help. “Spread the word. Tell every connection that you have.  Find a Loaded Pierogi store near you and donate. There is no time like the present to think outside of our own world and to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  Give Generously. 

Learn more about the Pilgrim Movement here.

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