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loaded pierogi Loaded with Love Which Bowl is your Love Language

Loaded with Love: Which Bowl is your Love Language?

Love is in the air (and the calendar), can ya feel it? Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and we’re here to celebrate all kinds of love and the ways it can be received. That’s right, loves, we’re talking about love languages, because we have bowls that speak to them! So read on to find out which bowl best speaks to your preferred language of love.

Words of Affirmation

Those who love words of affirmation appreciate compliments that praise their character, actions, and achievements. They don’t just want to hear that they’re loved, they want to know they’re noticed, heard, understood, and appreciated.

The Bacon, Saurkraut, and Oh Yeah Bacon is affirmative in nature; like, read the name. It says “What’s cookin’ good lookin’? I noticed, heard, understand, and appreciate that you love bacon, so here is some bacon with more bacon.”

Quality Time

Quality time lovers want to spend time with their love ones. They want to be fully present and engaged in the activity, even if that activity is as simple as cooking, or going for a stroll.

The Wild Mushroom & Truffle brings us some major quality time energy, because it can take quality time to hunt for some ‘shrooms–especially the truffles that make the oil that’s drizzled over the rustic mix of fungi!

Physical Touch

People who prefer physical touch want to feel close and connected with their love ones. They want to cuddle, hug, touch, and be touched to show their love and feel reassured that they are loved.

The Get Cheesy is the clear choice for representing physical touch–hearty steak and sweet caramelized onions get engulfed in the warm embrace of cheddar cheese sauce that’ll reach every last morsel. Mmmmm.

Receiving Gifts

Receiving gifts isn’t about material possessions, it’s about enjoying what you recognize as a thoughtful display of love and care. Gift lovers are more likely to appreciate gifts that are personalized or specially made, so they can carry a memory of and connection to their giver.

The Cabbage Patch Kid speaks this love language: it’s thoughtfully made with a little bit of each flavor profile (salt, acid, sweet, bitter, and umami) to give a well-rounded and complex experience that’s simply delicious.

Acts of Service:

The acts of service love language is different from what you might normally think of when you hear the phrase “acts of service.” It’s not about being served on hand and foot, it’s about receiving support and love through someone’s actions.

BBQ Brisket is the Loaded embodiment of acts of service. To make the main ingredients is a labor of love: slow cooking meat for tender bites and tender hearts.


Whatever your love language(s), we’re ready to celebrate love the best way we know how: Get Loaded!Psst is your love language being in business for yourself? We’ve got something for that, too, go look at our franchise opportunity!

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