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loaded pierogi Loaded Predictions for 2022

Loaded Predictions for 2022

You’ve heard of reading tea leaves and tarot cards, but are you familiar with the art of searching the starch? The pierogis, the fries, the macaroni–there are signs hidden in them if only we’d stop to take a closer look. Honestly! We did a special searching to get a better idea of what we all have coming in the year ahead, and here’s what each carb had to say:

The Wise Pierogis

The pierogis bring with them wisdom dating back to their invention in the 13th century. While a little vague, they showed us a vision of their future in 2022: this year is predicted to be stuffed full of love, comfort, and warmth, and loaded with impromptu dance parties. The pierogis also said to be wary of shag rugs and hanger.

We can’t help with the rugs, but Loaded can definitely keep the hanger away!

The Simple Mac

Macaroni predicted a lot of bends, twists, and turns for the coming year. One second you think you know something and then BAM, you change directions! Cheesy as it sounds, though, they say each curve leads to a new beginning full of prosperity (franchising with Loaded, perhaps?). The Mac also recommended that in 2022 we take up pottery–specifically bowl-making– and way-finding.

Clay-work and mapping your location via the stars are not skills we possess (yet) but if you need to find your way to some macaroni and cheese we have just the thing!

The Faithful Fry

The fry pattern really said “trust and chill.” Literally, it was spelled out with fries. There are clear roads and happy endings ahead, and, should you need them, an abundance of building materials that may come in unexpected forms such as long, rectangular beams of potato. The fries also had a muddle message about the impending appearance of a gravy train, and they said to keep an eye out for a man or an animal with a beard and no hair.

Honestly the longer we looked the harder it got to interpret, but if you want to have a go at your own reading you know where to find your fave poutine!


2022 is set to be a good year full of love and excitement. And if there’s one thing we can be sure of it’s that the year will be loaded with surprises! Like the fries said, just trust and chill. All we have to add is Get Loaded!

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