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loaded pierogi Load Your Kitchen with the Best 3 Essential Knives for Slicin Dicin

Load Your Kitchen with the Best: 3 Essential Knives for Slicin’ & Dicin’

A sharp knife is a chef’s best friend. And if you’re in your kitchen making food for yourself, congratulations you count as a chef! Maybe you haven’t gone pro or whatever, but that doesn’t mean knives aren’t the bff you always hit the cutting board with when you’re not getting Loaded. So load up on the right ones! Here are 3 essential knives to keep in your kitchen.

Chef’s Knife

We’re starting with the star of the kitchen here, because if you were to look at this list and go “meh I only need one knife” this is the one knife you need. Chef’s knives are 6-10 inches long, and while they’re mostly used to chop anything from bacon to Brussels sprouts, these bad boys can cut pretty much whatever you want ’em to. French-style is the most classic blade, curved up towards the tip.

Serrated Knife

Second on our list is serrated knives, which frankly don’t get the street cred they deserve! These toothy looking heroes are amazing for slicing bread, tomatoes and other foods whose exterior texture is different from the interior texture–like pierogis, or, a bit more commonly, bread. They’ve got a saw-like edge that relies on gravity rather than pressure, so they cut through without smashing or tearing. Hot tip: if you want to lessen the amount of sawing required, opt for a longer blade.

Paring Knife

Don’t be fooled by their third position, paring knives are mighty useful little fellas; they’re like a miniature version of a chef’s knife: same shape, a little less than half the size at 2-4 inches in length. These bitty buddies are for the more delicate types of kitchen cutting, where the big handle of a chef’s knife might get in the way. Think peeling onions or de-stemming mushrooms. They’re like a nook and cranny kinda knife.


So, there you have it, the three most super-est necessary knives to keep on hand in the kitchen. With these babies in your arsenal, you’ll be slicin’ and dicin’ like a pro in no time, Chef! And for all the times you want something sliced and diced (and fried and bowled) for you, Get Loaded!

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