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loaded pierogi How to Load Up on Hygge

How to Load Up on Hygge

Since we at Loaded are nothing if not tragically cultured and chic (duh), and since it’s cold AF and we’ve made it to The Other Side of Winter where the most exciting things on the horizon are increasingly later sunsets and the first signs of Spring, we’re devoting this post to hygge. Pronounced “hoo-guh,” it’s the Danish concept of the comfy-cozy vibe. So snuggle up, buttercups–we’ve got a list of tips on how to hygge up your life to survive the remainder of winter!

Hygge your Body: Get Blankets

Preserve and maintain that body heat by bundling up under the warm embrace of plush blankets–when you’re cuddled in bed, when you’re on the couch Netflix and chilling, when you’re curled up in your fav chair reading a book, heck even at the dinner table. For the sake of hygge, any time is blanket-time!

Hygge your Eyes: Get Candles

Get lit, y’all! With enough candles you can cozy up any space, it’s basically science (don’t quote us on that). The more the merrier! Plus it means every time you tuck in for a meal you’re dining by candlelight. Get even hygge-er with a full on fire to gather round.

Hygge your Feet: Get Slippers

Cozy feet=cozy people. Envelope your toesies in the cuddly embrace of some fuzzy slippers to warm up your feet, your heart, your mind, and your general ambiance.

Hygge your Tummy: Get Loaded

Perhaps the best part of hygge, because what better way to really internalize cozy than to chew it, swallow it, and let it nourish you from within! Loaded can hygge up your tastebuds with the affectionate pierogis, snuggly mac and cheese, and mouth-warming poutine.


You bring the blankies, we’ll bring the bowls–load up on hygge and Get Loaded!P.S.: If you take great comfort in the thought of running your business, hygge up your career by franchising with Loaded!

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