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How Canada Learned to Love Pierogis

Pierogis – those yummy little dough dumplings stuffed with potato and onion. Everyone loves them! You can find pierogis being served just about everywhere in the Great White North. This Canadian favourite is a staple in our homes, at the hockey rink, and in our restaurants and pubs.

But have you ever wondered why?

Loaded Pierogi is going to let you in on a secret that Canadian foodies have known about for a long time…

The History of the Canadian Pierogi

Canada may not be known worldwide for fine cuisine, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some spectacularly mouthwatering items on our menu! And no, we aren’t referring to poutine (though gravy over fries is pretty delicious).

Us Canucks are talking about the modern-day pierogi.

Originally of Eastern European origin, pierogi recipes were first documented in Polish cookbooks dating back to the 17th century. Believe it or not, pierogis were once considered “peasant food.” Can you imagine? But the soft dough stuffed with potato, cabbage, cheese, onions, and mushrooms quickly grew in popularity and spread, with different regions adding their own uniquely flavorful twist.

Later, pierogis were brought to Canada. From the late 19th century and towards the end of WWII, thousands of Polish, Ukrainian, and Eastern European families immigrated to Canada.

Naturally, they brought their food with them.

The rest – as they say – is history!

That Special “Canadian Taste”

What gets a Canadian’s taste buds excited?

Is it sweet maple syrup? Crispy peameal bacon? Butter tarts?

Well, the correct answer largely depends upon which province or territory you are from! Just like Canadians themselves, Loaded Pierogi is a melting pot of rich and varied ingredients.

Our chefs here at Loaded Pierogi have curated a menu that has something to suit all Canadian tastes.

Menu Items Canadians Love

So, we know that pierogis are adored from sea to shining sea.

But which are the crowd favourites?

If you are from Ontario, you might opt for a timeless choice like “Baba’s Classic.” Warm cheddar cheese, slow cooked caramelized onions, and fresh green onion sprinkles make for a scrumptious snack.

Likewise, Canadians living out in the western provinces are no strangers to the deliciousness of our “Porky Pig,” “BBQ Brisket,” and “Buffalo Chicken options.”

And of course, don’t forget about Quebec! Using Quebec-sourced goat cheese, sautéed Portobello, oyster, and cremini and button mushrooms with garlic and thyme, this vegetarian option is sure to delight. In addition, each bowl is 100% customizable. That means our customers can choose between tried and true signature dishes, or get creative with assorted toppings.

And best of all? You can customize. Nice!


One thing is for sure – Canadians are obsessed with eating at Loaded Pierogi. That’s probably due to the way our fun and flavour filled menu satisfies the inner foodie in all of us. With ten locations across Canada (and growing) more and more Canadians are falling in love with pierogis!

Visit now to check out our menu or visit a location near you.

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