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loaded pierogi Family Day Fun Times DIY Celebratory Traditions

Family Day Fun Times: DIY Celebratory Traditions

Manitoba chose a historical figure to celebrate in February (woohoo Louis Riel, champion of aboriginal and francophone rights!); in the rest of Canada, Family Day was essentially established to get us through the long gap between New Years and Good Friday. That’s the kind of reasoning we love to hear and the kind of mentality we like to channel. So frst, pour some out for Louis. Good. Now, in the spirit of the establishment of Family Day, we’re going to establish some traditions to go with it!

1. Go hard on decorating

The other holidays get fun decorations, and we think Family Day deserves the same. Pick your family colors, design a family flag with a family crest, pick a family mascot, and then proceed to absolutely deck out your home as though this is the biggest, most ostentatious holiday of the year–we mean, it has the potential to be, all it needs is the right family…

2. Take a yearly family portrait in the style of…

Why not commemorate the yearly holiday with a family photo, but instead of the same old boring matching outfits crap you do it in the style of _____. Fill in the blank for yourselves, the only rule is it has to be themed and that theme has to be at least somewhat ridiculous. Think 80’s hair metal band, or superheros, or creepy stoic vintage portraits where no one smiles. The weirder you get, the more entertaining it’ll be for everyone involved, and the occasion will be forever memorialized!

3. Get Loaded!

The family that dines together stays together! Plus every holiday needs a traditional holiday food, and we’ve got just the thing. Celebrate Family Day with the culinary equivalent of a big hug’n squeeze–we’ve got catered platters for the families with similar tastes, and Get the Gang Loaded bundles for the families who each want something all their own.


Welp, that’s all from us fam. Shall we all join hands around the campfire and sing Kumbaya? Nah that’s not really our thing, either….let’s just Get Loaded.Bonus family tradition: Go into business for yourselves! Learn more about Loaded’s franchise opportunity.

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