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loaded pierogi A Super Brief History of Canadian Cuisine

A super brief history of Canadian cuisine

Want to dazzle someone special with your impressive knowledge of Canadian culinary classics? Then load up on these quickfire facts about the Canadian classics – poutine and pierogi (hey, we think we’ve made it our own by now.)    

Poutine – “it’s a damned mess!” (in a really delicious way) 

Like many great things, poutine kinda happened by accident. According to legend, the dish was created when a customer (Eddy Lainesse) asked the owner of a Quebec snack bar where he was a regular to add cheese curds to his order of French fries. (Quebec was home to many fromageries at the time.)  

Lachance, the owner, allegedly replied, “ça va te faire une maudite poutine!” (“that will make a damned mess!”) …but he did it. Word spread, and soon other customers were asking for the same order. 

When some complained about their fries getting cold, Lachance went one step further and started adding warm gravy to keep the fries toasty warm. All this was back in the 1950’s. By the 1970’s, poutine hadn’t just spread across Canada, but into the States too, where it was called ‘disco fries’.

The rest, as they say, is delicious cheesy history. 

Pierogies à la Canada

Okay, let’s come right out with it – pierogi, at least the classic (aka boring) version is not technically Canadian. Gasp! 

However, no-one’s really sure where they do originate from. They’re often associated with Polish cuisine, but they may have come from the Middle East or even Asia before then. 

What we do know for sure is that Canada has definitely perfected them! 

Our version at Loaded Pierogi consists of plump dough dumplings, stuffed with potato and onions, and then decadently dressed with a mouth-watering selection of toppings. Check out our menu and see for yourself!   

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