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loaded pierogi A Cheesy Guide to Cheeses

A Cheesy Guide to Cheeses

We love cheese. We love being cheesy. So naturally, it was time to share a (v basic) guide that will simultaneously make your mouth water and your eyes roll even as you give an appreciative chuckle. We’re gonna condense some categories, sliced by texture, so we can sort through the crumbles with ya. So put on your stretchy pants! Let’s make like our signature bowl and Get Cheesy.

Semi/Soft Cheeses

Brielieve us, soft cheese is one of our faves because it’s got the GOAT. As in literal goat cheese (we love it in our Wild Mushroom & Truffle bowl). Other honorable mentions include burrata and feta. Thanks to a short production and aging process, soft cheeses are extra moist which makes ’em extra spreadable. Their flavoring is usually mild, often with tangy aromas like citrus.

Semi-soft cheeses are just a smidge harder–yummies like mozzarella and fontina have had a bit more water removed in their process. What they lack in spreadability they make up for in grabability–they’re wonderfully easy to nosh.

Semi/Firm Cheeses

We don’t have a ton to say about semi-firm cheeses other than that they are gouda in our book. Like we aren’t muensters but we could totally kill a Monterey Jack (prov)alone in one sitting. These semi-firms have even less moisture than their predecessors (sensing the pattern yet?) and they’re typically mildish and satisfying to nom on, which is what makes them people pleasers and sandwich staples. We’re gonna lump curds–found in our BBQ Brisket Bowl and our Classic Poutine–in with this category because they’re essentially youthful (read: un-aged) cheddar.

We know what you’re thinking: show me the cheddar of the mature variety. Cheese royalty, dare we say the mvp of processed dairy, found on most of our menu, cheddar is a firm cheese renowned for it’s dichotomous textural abilities–firm to hold but melty to munch. Like its firm brethren Edam and Jarlsburg, cheddar has minimal moisture retention and goes through a longer aging process to sharpen its flavor.

Hard Cheeses

We’ve arrived at the last of our cheese exploration. We know, it’s hard. The final category of cheeses have over 50% of their moisture removed during production and they’re aged for ages, which is why they’re so strong and savory. Great for grating, cheeses like Manchego, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Pecorino Romano also work resplendently on a charcuterie board for all you fancy so-and-so’s.


There are a lot of things to love in this world, but for obvious reasons cheese might just be at the top of the list. Plus it’s a superfood–wait no, we meant supergood. Whatever, cheese is tasty AF and we love it and we know you do too which is why our bowls are loaded with it. So come Get Loaded!

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