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loaded pierogi 6 Canadian Comfort Foods to get you through the Last Bit of Winter

6 Canadian Comfort Foods to get you through the Last Bit of Winter

Got the winter wompies? The snowy-season saddies? The dim-day downies? Basically, are you in need of a little comfort? Because us too, man, us too. We know that longer days and warmer breezes are in the not too distant future, but they aren’t coming soon enough dammit, so we’ve resigned ourselves to seeking warmth in the form of food, and we suggest you do the same. Here are 6 Canadian comfort foods to warm your heart and get you through the final stretch of winter!

1. Poutine

We had to put poutine at the top of this list, to do otherwise would have been blasphemy! As far as food goes there is literally nothing more Canadian than poutine, and it’s about as comforting as food gets, too.

2. Butter Tarts

If butter is in the name, it’s safe to assume that 1) it’ll be buttery AF and 2) it’ll be rich, decadent, and thus comforting AF. Enter butter tarts, in all their buttery, sugary, syrupy, glory. They’re basically hugs in a pastry.

3. Mac and Cheese

A basic and enduring staple, mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. There’s just nothing not to love about it. It’s perfect in its simplest form, it’s amazing loaded up with toppings–which is a whole other level because in case you haven’t noticed mac and cheese also goes with pretty much everything.

4. Pancakes

Pancakes are one of those foods that just make you smile. Even the word pancake is fun to say. Even the concept, of a lil’ cake made in a lil’ pan, is fun to think about. Pancakes, paired with Canada’s iconic maple syrup, bring a good deal of comfort to all who consume them.

5. Montreal Style Bagels

If you’re getting sick of soup at this stage in the season, fair dues; try going for a bagel instead. Sure they aren’t traditionally known for their comforting abilities, but Montreal style bagels, made with honey and malt to give them their signature hint-of-sweet flavor and chewy texture, are definitely a carby source of comfort.

6. Pierogis

Pierogis really embody comfort–they literally look like pillows, for Pete’s sake! Stuffed with hearty fillings and fluffed with boiling/baking/frying, pierogis will never fail to bring your-grandma-just-whipped-these-up-fo-you energy. Which makes them perfect for those days when you just need some love on a plate (or in a bowl).


There are so many other Canadian comfort foods we could mention (tourtiére, salmon pate, chicken pot pie… the list goes on), but these are some of our faves. And we just so happen to specialize in 3 of them, wuuuuuuh. So kick winter blues in the butt and Get Loaded!Seeking to rid yourself of the seasonal scarries with a new business venture? Check out Loaded’s franchise opportunity!

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