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loaded pierogi 5 Facts Only Hardcore Pierogi Fans Will Know

5 Facts Only Hardcore Pierogi Fans Will Know

You love pierogis (duh, who doesn’t?)

In fact, your adoration for these little plump doughballs is so strong, you consider yourself something of a fan. A pierogi enthusiast, if you will. 

But how hard do you actually go for pierogis? 

Turns out, there are two camps when it comes to pierogi people. The first group consists of casual eaters, those who enjoy a good #getloaded dish off our delicious Loaded Pierogi menu. The second camp is made up of the REAL pierogi fanatics…those who know every little thing about pierogis, both inside and out!

Curious which following you fall into? 

See how many of these pierogi facts you know!

  1. Guinness World Record: 1,066 Pierogis 

At Loaded Pierogi, our kitchen staff blend mashed potatoes, onions, cheese, bacon, chicken, beef – basically whatever you want to create the perfect customized pierogi dish. We do all the hard work. So, you just sit back and enjoy / eat. 

But get this. A Polish woman named Beata Jasek holds the world record for fastest pierogi making. In under 1 hour, she made 1,066 pierogis. 

All by hand!

  1. How Do You Spell It? Pierogi, Pirohi, Pyrohy, Pirogi, or Pierogie

Fact number two. 

Did you know that there are a dozen different ways to spell “pierogi?” Though pierogis originated in eastern Europe, they have since traveled all over the world as people immigrated to new countries. With time, the spelling and pronunciation changed, too. 

  1. The World’s Largest Perogy is located in Alberta, Canada 

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Nope. It’s just a gigantic 25 foot tall and 6000 lb heavy pierogi statue. In 1991, the village of Glendon decided to erect this massive roadside tribute. Made of steel and fibreglass, it’s even got a jumbo fork. 

  1. Religious Pierogis are a Thing (Actually, They Have Their Own a Saint)

“Holy guacamole.” 

With this next fun trivia fact, the expression is more like, “Holy pierogi.” 

The story goes that in 1238, a horrible storm blew in that destroyed food crops. As a result, famine took root and people began to starve. Luckily, Saint Hyacinth happened to be visiting nearby close to the town of Kościelec. Legend says that he got down on his knees to pray with the hungry villagers, when suddenly a miracle occurred. The dead crops came back to life!

So, to show their appreciation, the people baked plate after plate of tasty pierogis to say, “Hey man. Thanks for saving us.”  

  1. A Pierogi Once Sold on eBay for $1,775

This last fact is a wild one. 

Donna Lee was happily frying her pierogis one Easter morning when something strange caught her eye. Upon peering into the pan, her jaw dropped open. Grilled in brown onto the pierogi dough was the spitting image of Jesus Christ…beard and all.

Immediately, she put the pierogi up for auction. Much to her surprise, over 40,000 bids came in to purchase the supernatural artifact. In the end, Golden Palace Casino ended up winning and paid a whopping $1,775 to claim the oddity. 

That’s one expensive pierogi!  

There You Have It, Pierogi Lovers!

Congratulations! After reading this blog, you have officially been upgraded from “casual pierogi connoisseur” to “hardcore pierogi fan.” 

For more fun #getloaded content, check out our other blogs! 

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